The Specifics

You know what’s wild?
Being present in this one, wondrous life!

Even when it’s hard. (Especially when it’s hard.)

But when do we learn?
It isn’t taught in school. It isn’t built into our culture.
What does it even mean to be present?

These are the questions and lessons we explore here… together.

What does it mean to live a life of presence?

As children, we innately exist in the present. We are fully submerged in life, with little regard for the past or future. And then we grow and encounter inevitable pain. As a culture, we are seldom taught the necessary tools to make sense of those experiences. We are left to find our own ways of protecting our hearts and our realities, so that we can continue to make sense of the world we live in. We build walls to shield the hurt. Brick by brick, we cage in pieces of ourselves.

And, because we need community to survive, we conform to the expectations of those who surround us, often dimming our own, authentic voice. We create distance from ourselves to be close to others and further from our pain.

The willingness to be present is the willingness to dismantle the walls we have erected throughout our lives. It is the willingness to sit with our own pain, to hear what it needs, and to explore the tools by which it might heal. It is the reconnection to our own, authentic voice. It is the relinquishment of the expectations of others. It is the commitment to turn inwards with compassion when the going gets tough, instead of numbing ourselves with the many distractions that keep us from feeling discomfort.

Being present is not about striving. It is not about achieving, or competing, or perfection. It is the acceptance of where we are today. Right now. It is a lifelong process.

Below are a few tools I have found crucial in cultivating a life of presence. But remember… learning new things is hard. Go easy on yourself. Be patient. It isn’t about getting it right. It’s about coming to the table again and again, because it matters. You are not alone. We’re in this together!


A sacred window of time each day… just for you.

Sound wild? It is!

Weekly space to recharge.



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