The Specifically Particular Guide to a Wild and Wondrous Life was born out of a difficult season of loss and grief. The dissolution of so many elements that had formed my identity revealed the most meaningful and authentic pieces of my life. I learned to sit with my pain. I learned to live more presently. I learned to heal. Most importantly, I learned to recognize and trust my own voice.

As I moved out of that season, I began to ask myself what mattered most in my life. How did I most want to spend the precious remaining hours, days, and years of it? And how could I cultivate the same wonder and awe that had marked my youth, a time when I was so fully present without consciously trying?

These are some of the questions I explore here. It is a space to learn, grow, and collectively cultivate wonder and awe! Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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Dana is a former English teacher, current doctoral student, sometimes writer, and always mother in Charlottesville, VA. Her PhD concentration is Education Policy and Justice, with a focus on the use of mindfulness and trauma-informed interventions to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. Her memoir (un)tethered will be published sometime before she dies.

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